New Year Captions Instagram Couple

New Year Captions Instagram Couple
At one point in time, Snapchat was the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. 🔝 It beat out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, seemingly without lifting a finger. Users considered Snapchat to be the most innovative and modern social platform in the world. Growth was steadily increasing, and Q2 2016 saw a legitimate 17.2% growth spurt. But in Q3 of that same year – August 2 – something happened that sucked the wind right out from Snapchat’s sails. That “something” was Instagram Stories. 📲 What’s Happen? 👇 1. Part of the reason Instagram users are so fond of the app is because it allows them to create and catalog memories. Snapchat, on the other hand, gained momentum for the exact opposite reason: an utter lack of permanence. Snapchat is an app that allows its users to live in the moment without having to relive anything 2. Instagram Stories Had Better Ease of Use 3. Instagram Stories Continued to Roll Out New Features. What started as a simple 24-hour video and photo story with a couple filters and type features has morphed into a grandiose, in-app feature that could probably survive as its own standalone app, complete with live video support, DM capabilities (with messages that, like Snapchat’s, disappear once the recipient has seen them), a bunch of stickers, custom geotags, its Boomerang feature, rewind and even a self-timer. 🎯 (Ref. HIGHSNOBIETY) • • • ⚠️ Marketing tips: Studies and profile your customers. And your competitors. • • • by .

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