New Year Captions Instagram Couple

New Year Captions Instagram Couple
*UNNECESSARY AND LONG CAPTION ALERT* Sometimes your wingman is too good. I’m honestly hilariously blown away by all the messages that I received regarding ‘s post for my singleness (which I did not ask for or see coming by the way) You all are too kind. But here’s the thing. Each and every one of you are wholly worthy of pursuit. Each and every one of you have interests, desires, goals and special quirks that make you unique and special. Each one of you was created for a purpose and has so much to offer. Finally, each one of you is so much more than your Instagram feed, or your email or your Facebook messages. But that’s all I have to go off of, and I’m just one guy. Now I know it can happen (i.e. and … The best couple ever) but it’s pretty tough when you’re bombarded with so many messages all at once. So if I don’t open your message or reply, I really am sorry… But keep your chin up and know that you’re extremely valuable and important, regardless of my interaction with you here on IG. Happy Valentine’s Day! P.s. I’m actually really allergic to cats and I haven’t been in a metal band for like three years.
Instagram post by Cory Crawford • Feb 15, 2015 at 5:19am UTC

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